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Category:Dynamics (sound)Q: How to add a custom function to DataTable in SSRS? I would like to add an function to a report that checks a list of data in the row and returns a specific value (in this case, a value between 1 and 3, but this value can change). This list of data is extracted from a SP that doesn't give me the value, it just sends me the list of data that need to be checked. What I've done so far is to create a function inside the function area, that returns the value I want to use. It doesn't work and I don't have any idea why. Here's my code: =Join(Parameters!my_list.Value, ",") If this function works, the next problem would be creating a temp table inside the dataset, or doing it this way, but again, no luck. A: If you are passing a literal value in the Parameters then you could create a function that will return you your requirement. It's not the best solution but it's one of them. You can create a generic method that return an integer value from a string parameter like that: Public Shared Function GetParameterInt(ByVal myParameterName As String) As Integer Return Convert.ToInt32(myParameterName) End Function And then use it like that: =JOIN(Parameters!my_list.Value,",") By the way, don't use such syntax in SSRS. A: I was trying to get some of the list values from a SP and pass them to a dataset's parameter value using joins and then use them in the logic. If you are populating a parameter with values, then just define the value in the SSRS Parameters area and use it in your other dataset. If you are passing some variable values to a dataset, then it will be much easier to define a function in your dataset and pass values to it from the SSRS dataset. Since you are not passing any value in the parameter, then the way you have defined it is correct. How to get an accuracy of 0.1 deg / 0.05 deg or better at low G with a polarimeter Getting an accuracy of 0.1 deg / 0.05 deg or better at low G,




Sonic Core Scope 5.1 Keygenl [Latest] 2022

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